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Farley Productions LLC.

Behind the Scenes

Farley Productions LLC. began as an idea to turn story ideas into film. Pursuing the art of film, one step at a time. Established in 2019.

Patreck Farley, owner and director of Farley Productions LLC. began his love for film making back in 2011. He's gone on to create feature length films to shorts and to even help out with numerous other film and photography related projects.

Large corporations lack the creativity to create engaging films like it used to. Farley Productions LLC. is an independent film and photography company looking at taking creativity to the next level. By telling stories many would rather avoid.

When Patreck Farley is (as seen on the left) is not busy creating his own films he spends his time helping other achieve theirs. His company provides, video and photography services ranging from but not limited to, weddings, company holiday videos, commercials, product reviews, action choreography, stunt double, and more.

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